Waste Plastic Recycling Machine, PET Bottle Recycling Machine, Plastic PP PE Film Recycle Machinery Manufacturer From China

Company Profile

China Zhangjiagang Sevenstars Machinery Co.,Ltd Our company located in Zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu Province. It is a famous city for all kinds of plastic extrusion and plastic recycling machine. Our factory has 100 peoples (which including after-sales service team, sales team, work team). Our workshop area is nearly 200,000 square meters. Our main products are plastic recycling line,plastic extrusion line as well as other auxiliary machinery.  Benefiting from several years of manufacturing and innovation experience and our dedicated and hard working people, Sevenstars has become a medium- sized manufacturer and supplier for having customers over 150 countries in the world.more…


We are the manufacturer

We can control both the manufacture of the machine materials and its fabrication into the finished products to ensure the dependability of our products. By using only the highest quality raw materials and subjecting our products to the robust quality assurance program.

We have four modern standard workshops

We have our own skilled worker team, sales team and after-sales service team, relying on unique management idea and perspective development concept, we can provide high grade service with a good prestige. Through unceasing innovation, we have obtained customers' unanimous praise.

We have fine working environment

Scientific business management pattern, and our rules and regulations are rigorous and financial systems comply with scientific standard. Unceasingly deepening our enterprise culture, we have carried out a series of adjustments of product structure and further reformation.

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Enterprise Values

1M+ Loyalty

Advocacy: loyal to the job, loyal to the company.

3M+ Integrity

Advocacy: honest and trustworthy, words and deeds.

2M+ Teamwork

Advocacy: share happiness and sufferings.

4M+ Pragmatic

Advocacy: down-to-earth, do their job.

5M+ Study

Advocacy: professional production Not only did,but well done

7M+ Grateful

Advocacy: "drinking water source", "drink water did not forget to drill people." Thinking about the benefits of others, learn two-way thanksgiving, a person who knows the gratitude in order to achieve the height of his life and career


Advocate: adhere to the quality to win, promote scientific development.