Double Shaft Shredding Machine

Double Shaft Shredding Machine

Double Shaft Shredding Machine Description:double-shaft shredder machines is used for shreddering the plastic,timber,rubber and so on.It is the ideal plastic shredders which can...

Double Shaft Shredding Machine Description:

double-shaft shredder machines is used for shreddering the plastic,timber,rubber and  so on.

It is the ideal plastic shredders which can shredder many many things such like bottles,big pipes,big baled films,or other hard plastics.

We can supply Single Shaft Shredder and Double Shaft Shredder. Our company also can design the machinery according to your requirements.


Products Suppliers & Manufacturers: China

Double Shaft Shredding Machine Advantages:

 Twin shaft constructed with claw knives for extremely powerful shredding capacity.

The knives are made of special alloy steel, heat-treatment, can be replace by piece and re-welded.

Motor combined with gear box drive, low-speed with high torque ensuring superior output. 

The heavy pitch gear are precision manufactured from special alloy steel, heat-treatment, hardened for durability. 

Oil bath lubricated gear box assures smooth running ,low noise, high torque and durability. 

With low speed and high-torque designed, provide low noise and lesser dust, with friendly environment working place.