Hydraulic Balers Vertical and Horizontal, 30t PET Bottle Baler

Hydraulic Balers Vertical Horizontal

Vertical Hydraulic Baler
Vertical baling machines are a name for baling machines that are loaded from the front. Typically, these recycling machines are smaller, manually strapped, and compress from the top-down due to which such baler is also called down stroke baling press machine.

These vertical baling machines are best suited for textile manufacturers, warehouses, grocery stores, or any commercial entity that generates/recycles materials like used clothing, cardboard, cartons, coconut fiber, plastic bottles. UBC(used beverage containers), shrink wrap, soft packaging, fabric scrap, tyre/tires, woos shavings, and similar. They vary widely in yield, with approximate outputs ranging from 440 lbs to 33000 lbs per hour, so they can be used for a widely variety of waste materials and situations.

Vertical baling press can be single ram of dual ram baling press, and have a compressing force of anywhere from 10 to 200tons. The different force ratio and number of rams will depend on what you intend to bale-obviously. More rams and force means you can bale harder/larger/stronger material(such as tires/tyres). At XTpack, we can help you decide on which vertical waste compactor makes the most sense for your needs, both for now and in the future.

Horizontal Hydraulic Balers
Horizontal balers are larger machines that loaded from the top by conveyor belt, forklift, or cyclone systems(allowing for larger quantities). They compress from sides, and are usually fully automatic(or at least partially automatic). These machines are ideal for large quantities or recyclables, and can reach an output ranging from 1tons to 30tons per hour. Needless to say, a horizontal baling press can help you more efficiently deal with your plastic and paper waste, both in terms of manpower, and in terms of packing, moving, transportation, and other logistics. In some cases(such as in briquetting baling machine), you can even create solid fuel, depending on what you are baling. Because horizontal balers can be continuously fed (either manually or by automatic belt conveyor), they always reduce your labor cost, also horizontal balers will also increase your revenue of recyclables by increase payloads, and making waste much easier for transport. With a compressing force of 20tons to hundreds of tons, horizontal waste balers can be found across many industries, are capable of baling a variety of materials, from cardboard, paper( known as auto cardboard baler) or fiber , plastics, to loose materials like sawdust and peanut shells. The large feed capacity also makes horizontal baling press machines ideal for bulky waste recycling like cardboard and other fibrous products. The larger-, faster capacity baler machines are top choice for large recycling operations. Learn about hydraulic horizontal baling press structure, wire threading device, wire cutting device, hopper, ram, ram guiding device. Hydraulic part: motor, pump, hydraulic valve, pressure meter, filter, oil temperature level gauge, oil tank, Electrical part: air switch, PLC, relays, contactors, operation control buttons, alarm lamp etc