PE PP Film Compactor Granulating Machine

PE PP Film Compactor Granulating Machine

PE PP Film Compactor Granulating Machine Description:1. Conveyor:convey PP PE film compactor/feeder.2. Compactor:crushing and compress film,and feed compressed film into extruder ...

PE PP Film Compactor Granulating Machine Description:

1. Conveyor:convey PP PE film compactor/feeder.

2. Compactor:crushing and compress film,and feed compressed film into extruder forcedly,to make the production capacity high and stable.

3.Extruding system:plasticizing material and exhausting gas.

4.High speed Net exchanging system and Die-head:filter material impurity,to make production more stable.

5.water ring pelletizingsystem : cutting pellets in water.

6. noodle type pelletizing system :cutting cooling pellets after water tank .

7.Dewater machine:make pellets dry.

8.Vibration sieve:remove bad pellet and keep good pellet.

9.Air Blower:convey good pellets into silo.

10:Storage silo:keep pellet.


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PE PP Film Compactor Granulating Machine Advantages:

1. The conical screw have applied oil cooling system. Barrel is cooled by special wind cooling system.

2. The conical screw extruder system has applied special computer control. According to customers requirements, most reasonable structure of conical screw can be made so as to achieve best plasticity performance and material quality.

3.Our plastic extruder use good quality screw in plastic machinery.Our plastic machine have long-life.