Waste Plastic Dewatering Machine

Waste Plastic Dewatering Machine

Waste Plastic Dewatering Machine Description:which can be treated step by step with this facility.After the this PP/PE films crushing, washing drying and recycling production line,our company al...

Waste Plastic Dewatering Machine Description:

which can be treated step by step with this facility.After the this PP/PE films crushing, washing drying and recycling production line,our company also offer the following production lines of PP/PE films,granulating and injection, to make the waste and dirty PE/PP films be the new finished products.The equipment's manufacturing is strictly obeying the requirement of CE. So the quality and the safety are reliable.

Waste Plastic Dewatering Machine Advantages:

1.Good quality of final product: less impurities (less 300PPM) low humidity content(less than 2%)

2.Good quality of machine:SUS-304 stainless steel, more than 3mm thickness.

3.Films dewatering machine with sewage function. It is used to dewatering processed